We don’t make any claims here. The benefits below are actual benefits. You may not get all the results mentioned, but you will get some. You will find more benefits. Results may vary. You will be amazed. I know we are! No supplement is a replacement for professional care. Please do not ignore wise advice from caring, knowledgeable health professionals.

To get maximum results use Silver Micro-Water™ daily.

All Ages: 1-2 tsp twice a day. Preferably 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night. Swish in the mouth for 3 to 4 minutes, then swallow. Always on an empty stomach. Vary usage according to desires and indications.

URI: (Upper Respiratory Infection) Use Silver Micro-Water™ in household humidifier (see below). Inhale mist deeply. Hand held nebulizer works best, full strength.Infections, Flu or Colds: Increase frequency of use. Use normal dosage every 1/2 hour to every hour. Gargle deeply, spray in nostrils and use as drops in ears. Use cotton swab for infected hair in nostrils.

Teeth & Gums: Standard daily use will remove tartar and plaque. (No, Kidding!) It also reverses tooth decay. It has been known to destroy an abscess in a few days. Silver Micro-Water™ can fix your teeth and gums, eliminate bad breath and astonish your dentist. The use of fluoride has been proven to be damaging. Fluoride will nullify positive results. Healthy diet equals healthy teeth.

Topical Use: Apply full strength to all cuts, scrapes, warts, rashes, moles, skin tags, acne, insect bites, eruptions, age spots, scars, athletes foot, nail fungus, burns, boils, dandruff, eczema, shingles, fever blisters, jock itch and more. (All above underlined issues must be bandaged or taped to achieve full effect)

Allergies: Splash face and eyes with Silver Micro-Water™.

Purify Water: Add 1-2 tsp. Silver Micro-Water™ per gallon of water. Shake, then wait 10 minutes.

Eyes: Wash irritated eyes, using full strength Silver Micro-Water™ in an eye cup.

Ears: Use 8-10 drops full strength Silver Micro-Water™ in each ear. Allow to remain in each ear for 15 minutes.

Sore throat/Strep: Gargle deeply, full strength with standard dosage each 1/2 hour. Swallow.

Yeast Infection: Allow full contact by douche or orally. Reduce sugar intake.

Parasites: If sighted, Discontinue use of Silver Micro-Water™ for a few days to prevent blockage. Slowly reintroduce Silver Micro-Water™ back into your daily routine.

Animals: Full strength in food or water.

Plants: Spray full strength on foliage. Use humidifier at 6oz Silver Micro-Water™ per gallon of distilled water.

Digestive Aid: Mix 1 oz. Silver Micro-Water™ in 4 oz. of fresh water.

Use household cold water humidifier: Add 4-6 oz. Silver Micro-Water™ to a gallon of distilled water.

Silver Micro-Water™ is always in solution and suspension. No need to shake or stir. Indefinite shelf life for elementary silver. At least 5 years for ion particles. Silver Micro-Water™ is alkaline….and Probiotic; easy to metabolize, easy on your natural flora. Silver Micro-Water™ is a contact sport. Contact with problem area is utmost!