What is colloidal silver? Short Answer: It is minute atomic sized particles of silver suspended in water by an electric charge. It is also an ion solution. Atomic particles missing one electron which are soluble and stay in solution.

Are there any side effects? No known side effects for typical user. (aside from the possibility of pathogen die off symptoms) Some have observed minor headaches while working under florescent lighting. While we believe that is possible we have not experienced that in our testing. No interaction with any medical treatment or with any drugs, your current situation included! Silver Micro-Water acts in your system as though it were water. It is as safe as water. No cautions need to be issued, as no toxicity exists in any amount! Don’t let that fact make you think it’s not a very powerful medicine! All cellular, natural medicines in a pure state, are released in water, as is our Silver Micro-Water. They need a water environment to benefit our systems. This is why we hydrate the silver ions over a long period of time. Then it can deliver this mineral, packaged in pure H2O to the cells in need!

What are pathogen die off symptoms? Basically this is your body’s reaction to the toxins being released from your system. These symptoms can include: headaches, nausea and other flu like symptoms. Also, if parasites are present in your system your body will eliminate them during the first few weeks of introducing Silver Micro-Water. These symptoms will gradually subside through continued use of Silver Micro-Water.

Is Silver Micro-Water safe for my pet? Yes, not only safe but, highly desirable. Defeats worms and even parvo viruses. In acute conditions give full strength and often. Normal daily use can be as little as your use. 1-2oz straight, daily, or mixed in their water.

What is the best way to use Silver Micro-Water? Just take 1-2tsp first thing in the morning and last at night on an empty stomach. Always swish in mouth for 3-4 minutes, then swallow. Use on pad for topical challenges. Invent your own uses or refer to our advantages page. Any product that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast will have many uses in your world!

What dosage of Silver Micro-Water should I use and how often? You’ll find through use that dosage can vary. We prefer very small mouthful 1-2tsp., swish in mouth, 3-4 minutes to allow for pickup and bacteria destruction. 2 times daily. If challenged by cold, flu or strep throat, use every 30 min-1 hour. Place 3-6 drops in each nostril while laying on your back, if you feel a cold or flu coming on.

Why do you use 20 parts per million instead of a higher ppm? Double digit ppm is the most effective. More ppm is a waste and expensive. Less isn’t as effective! Remember that too low a ppm while effective at first, may allow re-growth of organisms!

Is colloidal silver light sensitive? No quality made colloidal silver (without additives and stabilizers) is light sensitive. You can store it in clear glass on a sunny windowsill and as long as it is tightly capped, no harm will come to it. Let it contact the air for any length of time and it will contaminate and darken.

Is colloidal silver ruined by cold temperatures? Cold temperatures and freezing do not compliment this product. It makes the silver less efficient by reducing the particle size. As far as ruining the product, it does not. Please keep at room temperature. Store it’s power properly with the bottle closed.

Why is this statement false? “Smallest possible sized particles are the only beneficial size”. Molecular size is very important to a organic metabolism. The same with colloidal silver, the particle size that is too small will fall through our system and kill some of our intestinal flora. Possible causing diarrhea. As well as too large a particle, will get stuck in your tissues and not be eliminated. The color of colloidal silver will give an indication of particle size, as long as no other agents are present. Clear can be fine, while a light golden yellow will be the best, most effective medicine.

Does any bit of color in Silver Micro-Water mean additives, contaminates or oxidation are present? In producing our Silver Micro-Water we pay attention to correct particle size, which as said, can be mostly clear, while light golden color is the most effective medicine. No salt, no electrolytes, no citric acid, no proteins, no additives or stabilizers of any kind. Purity is guaranteed. The production of smaller golden colloids does not require the use of an electrolyte.

A scanning electron microscope will provide proof of particle size, why is this incorrect? Apparently, (and this will surely receive some review) the scanning electron microscope will see only a dried sample. That sample will be a silver oxide that was what remains of the colloidal particle and bears no resemblance to a colloid of pure silver. A scanning electron microscope is of little use in this arena.

Can colloidal silver build up in your system over time? Colloidal silver that is too large of a particle size can and will build up in your system. Our Silver Micro-Water will not build up in your system because we have engineered our product to the proper particle size. Whatever Silver Micro-Water your body does not use will be eliminated naturally from your system.