We feel our colloidal silver is the best out there! And at 20 ppm (parts per million) you can’t beat our price! Especially considering 10 ppm is the typical solution you find out there!
Our Silver-Micro Water™ is produced via a contact current reverse polarity process. Providing a consistent, dependable product.
No additives, no stabilizers! Our colloidal silver is a natural very pale yellow.
We prefer to use low voltage (36 volts) to create our Silver Micro-Water™. It takes more time to create the colloidal silver, but provides a much better quality product! The hydrated ions of silver are strengthened then by the water.
Produced with 99.9% Fine Pure Silver
True colloidal silver consists of both elemental and ionic particles. This provides the ultimate particle surface area and an extremely high efficiency index. Our colloidal silver is 86.7% ionic/ 13.3% particle (elemental) with a particle size of: .000126 microns.

3 Kings (Pain Penetrating Medication) 8oz. $59.95*

Silver Micro-Water 16oz. $28.00

Silver Micro-Water    32oz. $49.95*

Miracle Mineral Solution 4oz. $12.95

Precious Prills $20.00


Buy TOGETHER for $100.00

($9.90 SAVINGS)

Warning: Introduce Silver Micro-Water™ slowly into your daily routine. As toxins & parasites die off they can cause toxic die off symptoms.
Daily use of our Silver Micro-Water™ will leach toxic metals like lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium from your body. In this function some Selenium and Sulfur are lost as well. You must backfill a small amount of these two minerals daily along with your standard supplemental vitamins. 100 Micrograms of the immune systembuilder Selenium and small amounts of MSM at 500mg. That’s all. This is by no means difficult or expensive. Our website will soon carry all your needs.

COMING SOON: MSM Flakes & Red Salt

*See our bulk products page for additional savings!