Thought you lost us?  I have definitely been neglecting my duties of website updates and product promotions! Luckily, James continues to produce the best colloidal silver I know of. Small batches of high quality 16-20 parts per million colloidal silver is produced to order. We want you to have the freshest product we can get you, so you can get the most out of it! We are also in the process of getting you some high quality Himalayan Salt! Although initially we were really hoping to be able to provide red salt, the current veins they are mining in Pakistan happen to be pink. We are very excited to say: We have ordered our salt straight from the source and hope to have it available to order on here within the next few months!

We are always interested in hearing your comments. We are also would very much appreciate if you would write us with testimonials of what colloidal silver has done for you! (If you haven’t noticed, that page is still blank) I have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter and I know for a fact that our daily use of colloidal silver has helped prevent sickness, reduce the duration of a cold and clean/heal their wounds. And that’s just the start. Eye infections, poison ivy rashes, upset stomachs, acne, we use this stuff for everything!!!! I know we can’t live without it. I recommend everyone has an intake of at least 1oz. of colloidal silver on a daily preventative basis. Take the same amount every hour or two when undergoing sickness. It really works!!!

I promise to be more diligent in the future to providing you with news, new products and just the basic what we are up to. Until then, enjoy your day and Take Your Silver!



Jael Johansen

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